Talent Strategy


The company has these positions, we are committed to talent training and job optimization, look forward to like-minded people to join us!

- Designers and engineers (including mechanical, electrical, chemical, hydraulic, materials, computer, software, data analysis and other disciplines) whose primary responsibility is to design and improve the equipment, electronics, software, services and processes that bring value to our customers.

- Technical sales, marketing and training professionals who introduce our many products, services and unique capabilities to customers, industry participants and within our Group.

- Supply chain, logistics, warehousing and quality inspection professionals who ensure that our factories, workshops, repair centres and field technicians have the right materials and tools to carry out their tasks.

- Production and service planners and schedulers, project managers, process designers and quality, health and safety and environmental professionals who plan, manage and supervise the activities of our employees to ensure high quality, efficient, safe and environmentally compliant operations.

- Machinists, metal fabricators, welders, fitters, plumbers, lifts, electronics technicians, systems integrators, composite material fabricators, paint and industrial coatings specialists, and other skilled trade professionals who use a variety of industrial processes, tools and techniques to transform raw materials and purchased components into the many products we sell.

- Field service engineers, mechanics and technicians maintain, service, repair and upgrade our equipment and, in some cases, assist customers in operating their equipment.

- Business leaders and managers who are responsible for setting our business strategies and objectives, assessing goals and priorities, and allocating resources to ensure that our people have the tools to carry out their tasks and further build the company's competitive advantage.

- Support function professionals including: IT, HR, Legal, Compliance, Clerical, Accounting and Finance who support our business infrastructure and operations.