Trillion cubic meters of new gas area in Tarim Basin enters the stage of comprehensive development

Today (15th), PetroChina announced that the largest ultra deep condensate gas field in China, Bozi Dabei Gas Field in Tarim Basin, has been fully completed and put into operation, marking that the new trillion cubic meter atmospheric area in the Tarim Basin has entered a new stage of large-scale development, adding new guarantees for the safe and stable gas supply of the West East Gas Pipeline.

China vigorously promotes the smooth operation of a batch of key projects in the construction of oil and gas pipeline network infrastructure

Since 2023, China has vigorously promoted the construction of oil and gas pipeline network infrastructure, and a number of national key projects have been accelerated and smoothly put into operation. From January to September, the mileage of newly built main oil and gas pipelines in China exceeded 2500 kilometers, setting a new historical high.

Enter the Middle East, see China Petroleum to build strong overseas business fulcrum!

On October 8, at petrochina's largest overseas operator project, the Halfaya Oil Field, a modern natural gas processing plant, the Halfaya Oil Field Gas Processing Plant (GPP), is carrying out a steady trial operation with a green mission.

Tarim Basin has built China\\\'s largest ultra-deep oil and gas production base

Energy security and security are related to the national economy and people's livelihood, and can not be ignored for a moment. Deep and super deep have become the main positions of oil and gas exploration in China, and the oil and gas resources account for 34% of the total oil and gas resources in the country. Among them, Tarim Basin is one of the basins with the greatest potential in increasing onshore oil and gas storage, and the oil and natural gas resources with a depth of more than 6000 meters account for 83.2% and 63.9% of the country, respectively. At present, the exploration and development of Tarim Basin has fully entered the ultra-deep layer, and the largest ultra-deep layer oil and gas production base has been built in China.

Completion of China\\\'s largest liquefied natural gas storage tank

Sinopec has announced that all 270000 cubic meters of storage tanks at the Qingdao Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal of Sinopec Natural Gas Company have been completed. This storage tank is independently developed by Sinopec and is currently the largest and first completed ultra large liquefied natural gas storage tank in China. After being put into use, it will significantly enhance the natural gas supply guarantee capacity in North China.

China promotes the implementation of green and low-carbon advanced technology demonstration projects

On the 22nd, the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments released the "Implementation Plan for the Green and Low Carbon Advanced Technology Demonstration Project", proposing to lay out a number of projects with leading technological levels, outstanding emission reduction effects, coordinated pollution and carbon reduction, and obvious demonstration effects.