The ecological environment is the basis for human survival, and environmental management has always been the focus of the company's work. The company is committed to creating a clean and beautiful living and working environment, and strives to carry out cleaning, cleaning, collection, transportation, treatment, disposal, comprehensive use and social management of relevant waste and pollutants. In recent years, with the continuous development of the industry, the scope and connotation of the industry of environmental management has been extended to cover a full range of comprehensive environmental services such as cleaning and sanitation, waste classification collection and transfer, solid waste treatment, hazardous waste collection and disposal, water environment remediation, toilet renovation and resource-based comprehensive utilization.

         The company insists on green production and ecological development. It vigorously develops circular economy, rationalises the use of resources, improves the utilisation rate of resources, establishes a sound environmental management system and system, strengthens the capacity building of environmental protection and actively carries out activities to saturate and restore the ecosystem.