Future development plans


The company will always be committed to the construction and use of renewable energy and new energy solutions in the field of oil and gas, while providing customers with quality solutions and on-site services, focusing on customer concerns is the company's challenge and pressure to guide customers to innovate and upgrade, along with customers to grow together and create maximum value together.

At the beginning of the company's establishment, it was determined that the business philosophy of innovation is not only to climb to the top, but also to change the traditional mode of operation of oilfield production to new energy and new technology with high technology.

The company will be committed to the energy industry, based on the steady growth of the domestic oilfield industry, and the application of products and services to meet the needs of users in the energy sector, becoming a comprehensive enterprise in the application of new technologies and services within the energy industry.

In the oil and gas energy industry in the future, the Company will demonstrate its comprehensive engineering service capabilities, actively respond to the national policy of vigorously enhancing oil and gas exploration and development, accelerating the construction of a natural gas production, supply, storage and marketing system, and providing services to China and the global energy restructuring, alleviating the conflict between supply and demand, and building a clean, low-carbon and safe modern energy system.