Information automation and integration

We provide solutions and products for the entire oil and gas industry chain, including full solutions for solar power generation, EPC, voltage base station operation and maintenance, and intelligent solutions for pipeline operation. We have accumulated many years of experience in the oil and gas industry and provide a vision of future trends in industrial connectivity. As a core business segment, we create smart operations, smart manufacturing, new business, new infrastructure, smart hardware and more.

Our specific business is widely used in Sinopec, PetroChina and overseas engineering service companies to help these customers to realize the information production and transformation of oilfield, reduce the traditional manual inspection and maintenance workload, and help our customers to realize the construction and transformation of digital oilfield, providing them with the hardware, integration and package system service solutions they need.

Starting from the oil and gas industry, the company provides information technology hardware and software as well as corresponding integration services, and works closely with well-known domestic IT intelligent equipment manufacturers such as Huawei, Longchao, Hikvision and Xinhuasan to provide high-quality IT intelligent equipment and automation integration business for the oil and gas industry. Relying on hardware and software supply and project cooperation, we have gradually developed into an information technology professional company with comprehensive brand strength and successfully transformed from a simple trade supply + project integration to a combination of hardware and software (hyper-convergence) with high revenue and profitability.



In terms of information technology construction, the company's biggest advantage is that it has national and industry-specific high-rise building resources and mature resources within the petroleum and petrochemical industry system to achieve rapid business growth through software and hardware and integration services. The company has cooperated with Sinopec Information Technology Co., Ltd. to provide information technology services in Sinopec's oil fields and downstream projects, mainly in the areas of traditional IT frameworks such as servers, storage, networks, video surveillance and security, photovoltaic products, integrated cabling, PA intercom, industrial switches and other businesses.



Intelligent oil and gas fields

We are building an AI machine vision smart oilfield project for a Northwest oilfield client, which mainly includes intelligent monitoring of oil wells, outfield building inspection, monitoring of joint stations and office areas, and auxiliary decision support for the operation centre.

Intelligent monitoring of oil wells: area intrusion, oil/water leak detection, smoke and fire alarm detection;

Outfield building detection: personnel identification, workwear identification, helmet identification, perimeter intrusion;

Joint station and office area monitoring: personnel and vehicle identification, perimeter intrusion, smoke detection alarms;

Operation centre auxiliary decision support: data aggregation, mobile real-time push, automatic statistical reports, monitoring and warning, performance assessment scoring.