Renewable energy construction

The company's new energy strategy focuses on the fields of photovoltaics, wind power, hydrogen charging convergence and energy networking, aiming to provide integrated solutions for the entire life cycle of project development and investment, research and development, design and construction, and operation and management.

In the strategic development of the Group, we will focus firmly on the field of new energy generation, build on the achievements of our current work in the oil and petrochemical sector, work together with our partners to promote core technology research and innovation, continue to promote green product design, integrate green concepts into the whole life cycle of products, and promote synergy and efficiency in reducing pollution and carbon. We are also committed to building and improving the standard system of the whole industry chain of the new energy industry, and promoting the green synergy and upgrading of the industry chain and supply chain. In the future, the company will further strengthen its green design technology innovation capability and bring the ultimate experience to customers worldwide with more low-carbon and efficient products and services.


As an emerging energy source, solar energy is gaining tremendous growth momentum worldwide. As such, solar construction will be the Company's current and future focus. The Company is currently working with SunPower, one of China's most renowned solar manufacturers, to undertake solar construction for two major customers, PetroChina and Sinopec.In 2021, the Company was successfully shortlisted to undertake the construction of a framework unit for Sinopec's solar inverter.In early 2022, the Company won another framework contract for PetroChina's solar inverter with an output value of over RMB120 million; and in September, it won another tender for PetroChina Engineering Company for a solar energy project of approximately RMB20 million.

The company plans to actively explore integrated solar farms, distributed solar farms and domestic solar power, and provide full life-cycle solutions for project development, including investment, system development, design and construction, operation and management.