Natural Gas (LNG/CNG) Operations

 LNG is a liquid form of natural gas that has been cooled to a liquid state and can be easily and safely stored or transported in unpressurised containers.LNG consumers mainly include industrial, transportation and residential users. With the growing awareness of natural gas as a clean and efficient energy source in China and strong government advocacy, the demand for natural gas has grown rapidly in recent years. In particular, the implementation of the low carbon economy model has brought new development opportunities for the natural gas industry. With the strengthening of oil and gas exploration and development, the accelerated construction of natural gas production, supply, storage and marketing, and the introduction of policies to improve the natural gas market mechanism, China's natural gas industry has entered a golden period of development. With the rapid development of the natural gas industry, we recognise that opportunities and challenges coexist. LNG and CNG are more active than ever in the natural gas market, providing a reliable source of clean energy and ensuring peak gas consumption in the winter months. This is in line with the current strong environmental policy and the supply is showing an increasing trend year on year. Promoting the use of L-CNG for industrial users and LNG heavy-duty trucks is an important development for the LNG and CNG industry.