Congratulations to Shaya Office wellhead control cabinet skills competition a complete success


"The pursuit of excellence, excellence in the ordinary; Start from me, and see the spirit in details!"


Recently, under the organization of the Shaya Office of the Group company, the office launched a unique skills competition, for the installation, commissioning, maintenance and other process links of the wellhead control cabinet of the main service of the Shaya office, the skills competition was carried out in the office.


Shaya office closely around the production and operation center, in order to further promote management progress, achieve better indicators, ensure the completion of tasks, promote enterprise development, advocate the pursuit of excellence spirit, and play a positive role in promoting the smooth completion of production and operation tasks.

Through the skills competition, the technical processing ability of the on-site after-sales team has been improved, the enthusiasm of the employees has been stimulated, the stability of the staff and the enterprise has been ensured, and the spiritual motivation and ideological guarantee have been provided for the completion of various tasks.