FAT for Engine Drive Reciprocating Compressor Package Unit Export to Indonesia

Recently, Leishen Energy Group designed, produced and skid engine drive compressor package unit for Indonesian customers, had successfully completed the FAT in the Group's Sichuan factory. The success of this test is a major milestone in the layout of the compressor skid industry of the Group.

Upload the State grid original technical transformation project oil-free reciprocating compressor ready to go

Recently, the oil-free reciprocating compressor manufactured by Jianyang Factory of the Group has passed the acceptance of the user factory and is ready to be sent to the use site. The compressor unit is a whole skid mounted structure, mainly composed of compressor, motor, coupling, air cooler, bottom skid, process gas system, lubricating oil system, circulation system, PLC control system and so on.

Work hard and take advantage of the situation

Recently, two enterprises under Leishen Energy Holdings Co., Ltd., COBO and ZJY, were recognized as "specialized and new enterprises" at the same time."Specialized and special" - "professional, fine, characteristic, novel", to focus on casting expertise, to support strong industry, to win the market with innovation.

Congratulations to Shaya Office wellhead control cabinet skills competition a complete success

"The pursuit of excellence, excellence in the ordinary; Start from me, and see the spirit in details!"。Recently, under the organization of the Shaya Office of the Group company, the office launched a unique skills competition, for the installation, commissioning, maintenance and other process links of the wellhead control cabinet of the main service of the Shaya office, the skills competition was carried out in the office.

The No. 1 ultra-high pressure gas injection compressor of Shunbei Second Area gas injection pilot Project of Sinopec Northwest Oil Field Branch was put into operation successfully

The first unit of the ultra-high pressure gas injection compressor, manufactured by China Oil Blue Ocean Petroleum Technology Inc., with an export pressure of 52MPa and a daily displacement capacity of more than 230,000 square meters, was officially put into operation at the site of 4-6 gas injection station in Shunbei District 2 recently.

The self-developed solar wellhead control system was successfully launched.

The self-developed solar wellhead control system was successfully launched.