Oilfield Digitalization and Integration

Oilfield digitisation and integration

Oilfield Digitalization and Integration

Relying on years of practical experience in oil and gas industry informatization and facing the future trend of industrial interconnection, we are a provider of informatization solutions and products for the whole industry chain, and have formed a business segment with digital oilfield, digital oil and gas transmission, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent hardware as the core.

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Automation integration area

We provide solutions and products for the entire oil and gas industry chain, including full solutions for solar power generation, EPC, voltage base station operation and maintenance, and intelligent solutions for pipeline operation. We have accumulated many years of experience in the oil and gas industry and provide an outlook on future trends in industrial interconnection.

We believe that cooperation and transparency are the best way to achieve customer satisfaction, and we have the design experience and selection software to allow our customers to be involved in all stages of production and to gain an in-depth understanding of our equipment manufacturing process. We also work with our customers to discuss in depth issues such as control and reporting systems, environmental issues, training and maintenance. This gives our customers as much confidence as possible in the use of our equipment.
In the oil and gas energy industry in the future, we will demonstrate our comprehensive engineering service capabilities, actively respond to the national policy of vigorously enhancing oil and gas exploration and development, accelerating the construction of a natural gas production, supply, storage and marketing system, and providing a strong guarantee for China's energy restructuring, alleviating the conflict between supply and demand, and building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system.