Work hard and take advantage of the situation


Recently, two enterprises under Leishen Energy Holdings Co., Ltd., COBO and ZJY, were recognized as "specialized and new enterprises" at the same time.  "Specialized and special" - "professional, fine, characteristic, novel", to focus on casting expertise, to support strong industry, to win the market with innovation.      It is a "vanguard" enterprise that focuses on market segmentation, has strong innovation ability, grasps key core technologies, and strengthens the chain. It plays an obvious role in promoting the high-end, intelligent, and green development of the manufacturing industry, and is also an important support for ensuring the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain.


China Oil Blue Ocean Petroleum Technology Inc. is dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of special equipment for natural gas production, transportation and transmission, such as various natural gas reciprocating compressor, expansion machine, expansion machine residual pressure power generation, oil well heating device (electromagnetic/solar equipment), oil-water separation device and various types of skid-mounted equipment.

COBO has a number of patented technologies, master the design, manufacturing and experimental technology of ultra-high pressure gas injection compressor units, and form an integrated oil and gas engineering service capability.   The company is also committed to oilfield engineering and technical services. Reciprocating compressors, propane machines, valves, etc. adopt the form of leasing, operation and maintenance, and accessories supply to provide professional technical services to oil and gas fields.


ZJY Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the oil, petrochemical and natural gas industries, providing customers with safe, reliable and convenient underground safety systems and IT systems.   It has core business groups such as wellhead safety control system, natural gas online sampling system, automatic control system of oil and gas field station and yard, security control system of oil field park station and yard, PLCs/RTUs customization and program design, and provides professional and reliable system solutions and services for many international first-class energy enterprises such as petrochina and Sinopec.


This time, the two companies of LEISHEN Group won the national specialized and special new enterprises, which is the recognition of the professional development positioning, scientific research application, market development and industry leadership of the two companies, and is also a full affirmation of LEISHEN Energy's insistence on independent innovation over the years." The company will adhere to the manager's philosophy of "integrity-based, quality first, close to users, and return to society", continue to optimize products and technological innovation, constantly strengthen customer service, and steadily improve the brand influence and recognition of companies in the industry.