Upload the State grid original technical transformation project oil-free reciprocating compressor ready to go


Recently, the oil-free reciprocating compressor manufactured by Jianyang Factory of the Group has passed the acceptance of the user factory and is ready to be sent to the use site.





The compressor unit is a whole skid mounted structure, mainly composed of compressor, motor, coupling, air cooler, bottom skid, process gas system, lubricating oil system, circulation system, PLC control system and so on.  The compressor unit adopts a fixed foundation design, the compressor and the air cooler are integrated into a sled, and all the equipment and accessories are installed on the same common bottom sled, leaving enough maintenance and maintenance space between the equipment in the sled block.




The compressor is symmetrical balanced reciprocating piston compressor, no oil lubrication, D type long and short double chamber structure.  The drive motor adopts high voltage flameproof variable frequency motor. The compressor and the drive motor are connected by a flexible diaphragm coupling. The process gas cooler uses a low noise air cooler (horizontal installation).