China vigorously promotes the smooth operation of a batch of key projects in the construction of oil and gas pipeline network infrastructure


Article source: CCTV News

Since 2023, China has vigorously promoted the construction of oil and gas pipeline network infrastructure, and a number of national key projects have been accelerated and smoothly put into operation. From January to September, the mileage of newly built main oil and gas pipelines in China exceeded 2500 kilometers, setting a new historical high.


Recently, the key project of the national "14th Five Year Plan" for oil and gas development - the Xinjiang section of the natural gas pipeline project of the West East Gas Transmission Line 4, with a total length of 583 kilometers, has been officially completed after more than a year of construction and welding. The entire project is expected to be completed in October 2024 and can transport 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas to the central and eastern regions annually.


China has vigorously promoted the construction of infrastructure for oil and gas pipeline networks, and a number of interconnected projects have been completed one after another. The five main natural gas pipelines, namely the China Russia East Line, the West East Gas Pipeline, the Sichuan East Gas Pipeline, the Qingning Pipeline, and the Jiangsu Anhui Pipeline, have fully realized interconnection and interconnection within Jiangsu Province, with an annual supply capacity of 7.5 billion cubic meters.


The interconnection and interconnection project between the Zhongkai Line and the Pingtai Line has been successfully completed, providing more gas transmission channels for the largest natural gas storage facility in the central and eastern regions of China, Wen 23 Gas Storage.


The total length of the pipeline is 4269 kilometers, and the construction of the Second Sichuan East Gas Transmission Pipeline has also officially started recently. This is a key step in building a new pattern of "five vertical and five horizontal" in China's natural gas pipeline network. After the project is completed, it can transport over 20 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually.


During the 14th Five Year Plan period, China plans to build over 20000 kilometers of new pipelines. In the past three years, the National Pipeline Network Group has started construction projects totaling over 170, with a welding mileage of over 10000 kilometers for new projects, a pipeline mileage of 11300 kilometers that meets production conditions, a 21% increase in natural gas pipeline mileage, and a 57% increase in connectivity and supply capacity.

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