Endpoint Technology Attends the 8th China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Procurement Conference


Article source: Li Ying, responsible editor of China Energy Network

Recently, the 8th China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Procurement Conference, hosted by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, was successfully held in Nanjing. The conference is themed "Optimization, Reconstruction, and Ecological Innovation", gathering industry elites to jointly explore the optimization, reconstruction, and ecological innovation of the procurement supply chain in the petrochemical industry.


The China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Procurement Conference is one of the most influential industry exchange events in the domestic petrochemical industry. As a deep practitioner of digitalization, Hangzhou Endpoint Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Endpoint Technology") was invited to attend the conference and set up an exhibition, to have in-depth exchanges with attendees and showcase the latest digital procurement solutions. The Senior Vice President of Endpoint Technology and Chief Expert Program of the Digital Industry Chain attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech titled "Reshaping the Digital Path, Sharing Industry Butterfly Changes -20 Innovative Practices of Procurement Digitization", sharing the cutting-edge exploration and practical achievements of Endpoint Technology in the petrochemical industry procurement digitization, bringing new directions for enterprise digital upgrading and business growth.


1. Targeted procurement digital new channel

The petroleum and petrochemical industry is the backbone of the national economy. With the deepening integration of the digital revolution, the adjustment of the global political and economic landscape, the increasingly complex market environment, rising costs, and accelerated industry transformation, the development environment of energy enterprises has undergone profound changes. Faced with new environments and challenges, the underlying logic of enterprise management has also undergone fundamental changes. For example, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, as well as promoting innovative development, have become two key factors for energy enterprises to enhance their competitiveness, especially in the procurement field. However, blind transformation often backfires, and enterprise businesses must have a clear and realistic procurement digital vision before departure.

In response, the program proposed in the speech that energy enterprises need to find a balance between cost, efficiency, and compliance through digital transformation. The direct purpose of digital procurement is to continuously replace repetitive and low value transactional activities with computers, allowing enterprises to focus more energy on high-value strategic procurement, such as sourcing, early procurement, supplier selection, risk management, etc., fully realizing the automation of transactional procurement and the intelligence of strategic procurement.

This not only requires petrochemical enterprises to continuously improve efficiency and quality, but also urgently needs to achieve a qualitative leap in procurement management flexibility, transparency, and sustainability, and contribute to the green transformation of the world's energy structure through technological innovation.


2. Deconstructing the "last mile" of digital procurement

A clear and clear vision for digital procurement guides petrochemical enterprises to accurately grasp the close integration of digital technology and business reality, scientifically plan, and promote a more efficient, transparent, and sustainable petrochemical procurement ecosystem. In this regard, the program extracts three top-level designs for digital procurement, progressively deconstructing its core design concepts and strategic thinking.

·Top design I: apply "Internet thinking" to sort out design concepts

With the help of "Internet thinking", enterprises focus on user experience and demand, drive business innovation, and integrate information, logistics, capital flow and other data to achieve two-way empowerment of business and data, and ultimately achieve win-win cooperation through ecological collaboration.

·Top design 2: Starting from the enterprise value, sort out the "Five Transformations" concept

Based on the value of the enterprise, digital procurement needs to promote the five directions of centralization, sunshine, self-service, automation, and destocking in enterprises, namely centralized procurement rights and strengthening economies of scale; Transparent throughout the process, ensuring traceability and risk warning; Granting users autonomy and improving service experience; Automated processes reduce manual operations; Supplier direct distribution, optimizing inventory management.

·Top design three: Starting from the perspective of procurement business, sort out the "three transformations"

Looking at the procurement business itself, the transformation path of the procurement department is clear. It should shift from a transactional approach to a strategic forward-looking approach, from a passive response to demands to an active provision of personalized and customized procurement services, from a fixed execution role to a profit operation role, and focus on achieving quality, efficiency, and value creation in the procurement business.

Subsequently, the program shared 20 innovative practice stories of Endpoint Technology in the field of digital procurement as evidence. He emphasized that digital procurement is not only a technological revolution, but also an upgrade of strategic thinking. Traditional enterprises should firmly seize opportunities and jointly promote the digital transformation of procurement in the petrochemical industry.

As a leading new business software provider, Endpoint Technology has been rooted in digitalization for over a decade and has brought greater business application value to many petrochemical enterprises such as CNOOC, National Pipeline Network, Shandong Energy, Jingke Energy, ExxonMobil, and BP. In the Endpoint Technology exhibition area, Endpoint Technology showcased a full chain collaborative enterprise information management system ERP and digital procurement solutions, and fully exchanged technical achievements and practical experience in the petroleum and petrochemical industry with participating enterprises.

In the future, Endpoint Technology will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, use professional service capabilities, digital products, and industry digital best practices to create more value for enterprise customers, empower the petrochemical industry and even more fields, and look forward to working together with more customer partners to explore new boundaries of digital procurement and promote sustained, effective, healthy, and high-quality development of the industrial economy.

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