Integrated pre-distribution unit

The integrated pre-distribution unit jointly developed by our company and Sinopec Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute is an innovative technology that integrates grid pipe oil-water-solid separation and high-efficiency lateral diffusion oil-water-solid separation with other functions such as gas-liquid separation, water separation and produced water treatment. Our pre-distribution unit requires only 50% of the investment and 30% of the floor space required under conventional processes. The technology is suitable for in-situ water separation and re-injection feed at wellheads, well clusters, metering stations, transfer stations and remote small fields, avoiding ineffective heating of large volumes of effluent and long-distance round-trip transportation. We believe that the integrated pre-distribution unit we have jointly developed will reduce energy consumption and costs compared to conventional processes.

As a closed pressure oil removal integrated pre-separation integrated device, with the ability to resist fluctuations in the flow and oil content of the oil system three-phase separator discharge water (inlet oil content 350mg/L~1500 mg/L; inlet water pressure 0.3 MPa~0.6 MPa), directly used to treat the oil system three-phase separator off the oil-bearing produced water without gas lifting treatment, without dosing, without filtering conditions, single device Under the condition of no dosing and no filtration, the single unit can achieve the requirements of produced water purification (oil-bearing produced water with oil content of 350mg/L~1500mg/L, suspended matter content of 150mg/L~200mg/L, produced water with oil content ≤50mg/L and suspended matter content ≤50mg/L), and the treated produced water is self-pressurised to the gas lift tower for subsequent treatment.




The pre-splitting device has been applied in the projects of Shunbei No.5 Combined Station and Shunbei No.1 Treatment Station Wastewater System Expansion Project of Sinopec Northwest Oilfield, In-situ Water Splitting Construction Project of Tahe Oilfield, In-situ Water Splitting Expansion Project of 4-1 Transfer Station of Oil Production Plant No.1, etc. (the design liquid volume treatment scale is 2000m3/d), and the application effect has been praised by the leaders and experts of Sinopec Headquarters, Northwest Oilfield Branch, Oil Production Plant No.1 and Oil Production Plant No.3, etc.